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Canvas Gearboxes

The Issue

Canvases are readily used by the trucking world to cover their load whilst transporting.

However the ease of putting on these canvases and removing them has always been a hassle and can be a hazard for operators.  All workplaces have a Health & Safety responsibility to implement fall prevention measures.

The Solution

The Canvas Gearbox is designed to easily attach onto a shaft and allows operators to open and close canvases on top of trucks, all while the operator is safely on the ground.

Prevent falls and Health & Safety penalties.


The "Canvas Gearboxes" are":
  • Fully enclosed with grease for life;
  • There is NO maintenance required;
  • Stainless fasteners and fittings;
  • Lightweight with an aluminium housing
  • Very reliable
  • Two sizes; C3 10- designed for hand applications and the C3 20- designed for heavier ratchet applications for a water tight cover
The "Canvas Gearboxes" are competitively priced and New Zealand made.

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Canvas Gearbox Video

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